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About NitrosData

NitrosData is an experienced team of data experts that have been collaborating since the 1980s when we started our careers at the Kurchatov Institute Computing Center and include graduates of MIPT and MEPhI.

We have received several awards from prestigious Russian and international IT exhibitions and contests. NitrosData is a resident of the Skolkovo Innovation Center, member of the RUSSOFT association.

We provide a full range of services for audit, design, implementation and maintenance of high-load information systems.

Our professionalism and qualifications allow us to implement complex and large-scale projects, thereby creating unique solutions that provide a competitive advantage for the customer’s business. We also provide telephonic and electronic tech support services.


NitrosBase SQL
High-performance relational database management system for modern IT solutions:

high performance
distributed data processing
transaction support

Microsoft Transact-SQL Compliant SQL Dialect

  • Complete set of DML operations: SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, INSERT … SELECT, nested queries, etc.
  • DDL operations, including creation, modification and deletion of permanent and temporary tables, indexes, constraints, etc.
  • Complete set of Flow Control operations including IF# ... ELSE, WHILE, TRY ... CATCH, etc.
  • Variable management, including DECLARE, SET, etc.
  • JOIN operations LEFT, RIGHT, etc.
  • Functions and operators including CASE, IN, EXISTS, CAST, etc.
  • Transactions - all isolation levels.
  • Stored procedures, functions and triggers.


  • Speeding up query processing
  • Speeding up the client-server communication via shared memory utilization
  • Bulk insert mode - parallel processing up to 2 mln QPS 100 000+ update/insert/deletes per second
  • Query optimization and the execution plan control
  • Very fast creation and deletion of temporary tables
  • Speeding up the transaction processing
  • Special indexes to significantly speed up the processing of JOIN queries
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The comparison was performed on client's data and queries

Postgre SQL


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    Read Committed, Repeatable Read, Snapshot, Serializable

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    Multi-Version concurrency Control (MVCC)

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    Fast deadlock detection and rollback management

  • icon5

    Record level locking, timeout management

  • icon6

    Fast commit, rollback, garbage collection, logging, etc.


  • Write-ahead logging, Backup/Restore, Incremental backup

  • Synchronous and asynchronous replication

  • Active standby to NitrosBase instances, Active standby to MS SQL instances


  • Parallel operation on clusters up to 1000 nodes

  • Sharding and replication support

  • Almost linear performance growth with the number of nodes increase

  • Distributed JOIN and Graph Query Processing

  • Fault Tolerance, High Availability 99.99%

  • Parallel synchronous functioning with MS SQL

UNICODE support

  • Case-insensitive and accent-insensitive collations

  • ICU collation support

  • Fast general collation processing at the level of case- and accent-insensitive collations

SQL extensions

  • Special index for speeding up the JOIN query processing and graph link navigation

  • Graph-SQL - an SQL extension to simplify complex JOIN queries and express the graph queries

  • Describing the query execution plan, including intermediate operations

  • Recursive operations

The cost of software is determined at the request of the client, depending on the requested characteristics. To purchase NitrosBase Multimodel software, please contact us by E-Mail or fill out the form below.

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